December 31, 2018

Happy New Year BC!

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Dear British Columbian, As 2018 draws to a close, I would like to wish you an early happy New Year on behalf of the BC Libertarian Party. I would also like to take a moment to update you on the year that was and what we have planned for 2019. In the last year, we have made many great strides towards building the BC Libertarian Party as a viable governing alternative. We aim to bring

November 28, 2018

Political Scandals: Nothing New In BC

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The Libertarian movement as a whole has always cared deeply about government accountability. The BC Libertarian Party in particular is well aware that British Columbia is no stranger to scandal and controversy. Many remember the Raids that took place during Railgate and the FastCat Fiasco “Ferrygate”. Oh, we’re used to hearing that the BC Premier has been arrested in Hawaii for a DUI or that the Opposition Leader is fooling around with his House Whip. We’re also used
Collectively the Associations make up the “Regional Caucus of the Party” representing your local interests and chaired by the Regional Caucus Chair, Dr. Kenneth Van Dewark. All Party members are automatically members within their local Association based on their primary place of residence. The reason why constituency associations or “riding associations” are so important is that they allow you to take part in party activities and learn about exciting events from the comfort of your

November 8, 2018

Mike Sidhu: “Corporate Welfare”

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Mike Sidhu – Party member Nov 8, 2018 I love how checking facts make everything so clear – if we are willing to pay attention to them. THESIS – both Conservative and Liberal governments dump billions to bail out Canadian corporations that have nothing to return. This is not capitalism. It’s welfare programs for companies – cronyism – where the backdoor deals are made for the benefit of the few, and tax dollars are siphoned
Kyle McCormack from “The Liberty Extract” recently sat down with me recently to ask a few questions about my role as leader of the BC Libertarian Party.