BC is a Resource Economy

The BC Libertarian Party supports responsible market-driven development of resource projects such as pipelines, mining, forestry, oil & gas exploration, and hydroelectricity.  A BC Libertarian government would aim to streamline the regulatory climate with fewer but more effective regulations, and at the same time eliminate corporate welfare in the form of subsidies and boutique tax credits. We believe that a stronger focus on property rights of landowners and First Nations will promote environmental protection and local economic development.  

Resource projects benefit  every British Columbian. A BC Libertarian government will no longer hold such projects hostage over the demands of a small group of eco-radicals or foreign NGOs. We will level the playing field for everyone by applying an even-handed approach to taxation, regulation, and property rights across the economy, ensuring that no one industry, business, individual, or special interest group has the upper hand over anyone else.

A BC Libertarian government would also lift barriers to the free-movement of goods and services between BC and the other provinces, which we feel is the true spirit of Section 121 of the Constitution. We believe that free trade and cooperation with our neighbours is preferable to regional protectionism and political posturing.

This policy is currently in development. The policy team is soliciting expert and stakeholder advice in developing the best, evidence-based, resource policy for BC. We welcome your thoughts and input. Email the policy committee at policy@libertarian.bc.ca.