Shrinking and Decentralizing Government

BC Libertarians are committed to reducing the size and scope of government.  If elected we will enact policies that:

  • Eliminate numerous government agencies whose primary function is price fixing (e.g. BC Liquor Distribution Branch, Passenger Transportation Branch, Dairy & Poultry Marketing Boards)
  • Open monopolized markets to competition including ICBC and Liquor & Cannabis Distribution
  • Reduce the regulatory and tax compliance costs for individuals and businesses
  • End corporate welfare, boutique tax credits and the culture of “pay to play” in Victoria

Our present two party system is dysfunctional.  Repeated referendum attempts to impose proportional representation have failed.  We believe the way to improve accountability of elected officials is to give them their voice back.  When voters elect someone to represent their community, they want them to represent their wishes, not the party whip’s wishes.  We will ensure all votes in the legislature (other than confidence votes) are deemed to be free votes.  This will diminish the value of party politics, and raise the importance of the elected members themselves.

This policy is currently in development. The policy team is soliciting expert and stakeholder advice in developing the best, evidence-based, plan for empowering local communities in BC and shrinking ever bloated government. We welcome your thoughts and input. Email the policy committee at