The BC Libertarian Party exists to support the election of Party Members to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia who aim to advance and bring forth the Principles of the British Columbia Libertarian Party within the province.

The BC Libertarian Party exists to advocate for and defend the Principles of the Party which are:

1.To support and to advocate for the concept that the citizens of British Columbia are to have the liberty to live as they wish provided that in doing so they do not diminish the ability of others to peacefully do the same.

2. To support and promote the precept that the government of British Columbia is to serve the citizens of the province in fostering an environment where the personal potential for all British Columbians can be maximized through individual efforts.

3. To support that concept that the maximization of the personal potential of the British Columbian citizen is best obtained through non-government activities, such as personal endeavour, ingenuity, resourcefulness, and industriousness. These actions are to be free of undue interference or coercion from any person or group.

4. To support and advocate that liberty and prosperity can only be achieved if private property can be obtained and maintained in British Columbia without undue interference or coercion.

5. To advance the idea that to be free is to live in a society where one can openly express ideas, hear the ideas of others, and associate with groups of one’s choosing, without fear, prosecution, or undue interference within British Columbia.

6. To support and promote the precept that fiscal prosperity in British Columbia is best achieved through the buying and selling of goods and services peacefully in an open market.

7. To support and promote the idea that the citizens of British Columbia have the right to liberty and to defend and be defended from those persons or institutions that seek to diminish any of the above principles.