Party Principles

The purpose of the Party is to bring about the election of BC Libertarian Party candidates to the British Columbia Legislative Assembly in promoting the following core principles.


That no individual or group is permitted to initiate the use of force or fraud against any

That the universal natural rights to life, liberty, property, expression, and the peaceful 
pursuit of happiness are essential to the preservation of civil society

That the role of government is to protect and preserve such rights, and

That the citizens of British Columbia have the right to defend and be defended from those 
persons or institutions that seek to diminish any of the above principles.

Our Values

Following from the stated Party Principles, these policy statements (adopted at our 2022 Annual General Meeting) are the foundational framework on which all party policies are to be built upon:

Property Rights: Whereas the right to property is natural and self-evident, we advocate private property rights from both an ontological and utilitarian perspective. We affirm that private property rights extend from self-ownership and the scarcity inherent to our material existence. We condemn all fraud and initiatory violence towards a person’s life, liberty, and property. We contend that private property is the best way to reduce and reconcile conflict between individuals. We advocate for the creation of a British Columbia Constitution that enshrines and protects property rights for all British Columbians.

Free Expression: Whereas the right to free expression is a cornerstone of civil society, we believe that all individuals should be free to express and articulate their thoughts and opinions without fear of censorship or
violent retaliation, provided that the individual does not incite fraud or violence against any other person or their property. We view limitations of free expression as antithetical to a free and open society, and as such, would
repeal any legislation that limits the freedom of British Columbians to peaceably express themselves. We take no stance on the personal, cultural, or social preferences of individuals or groups. One’s lifestyle is an extension
of their property rights. Thus, no individual or group can rightfully claim jurisdiction over the lifestyle of another.
We assert only that any and all lifestyle choices must not violate the property rights of others, and we categorically reject all forms of identity politics as nothing more than weaponized tribal collectivism that is antithetical to individualism and civil society.

Economics: Whereas economics is the study of human action in the context of scarcity, we recognise the Austrian School of Economics as the preeminent body of economic science, whose analysis acts as a polestar, informing and serving as the foundation of our political policy prescriptions. As such, we reject all government monopolies and advocate non-corporatist privatisation of monopolistic government agencies, departments, and ministries where possible. We recognise that British Columbians deserve freedom of choice in the services they choose to use, and that a genuine free market provides higher quality and lower costs of those services. We categorically reject socialism, defined as the non-private collective ownership of resources.

Autonomy & Decentralisation: Whereas freedom of association manifests itself politically in the form of absolute right of self-determination, we support decentralisation – subsidiarity, secession, nullification, and localism – of political units down to the individual as a means of expanding choice and competition in governance for all individuals. We recognise and affirm that the State is not the same thing as governance. We reject the Federal government of Canada’s infringement into areas of Provincial jurisdiction. We will initiate
discussions of constitutional reform for the purposes of negotiating a better deal for British Columbia within confederation, to add property rights protections to the Canadian Bill of Rights, and to establish explicit and
enumerated limits on the role and scope of all levels of the State in Canada. Furthermore, we affirm that section 121 of the Constitution Act, 1867 is clear; All Articles of the Growth, Produce, or Manufacture of any one of the
Provinces shall, from and after the Union, be admitted free into each of the other Provinces. As such, we advocate for an immediate and unilateral lifting of all barriers to free trade of people, goods, and services between British Columbia and the other provinces of Canada. Should these negotiations fail to produce an
acceptable result for British Columbians, we will move for a peaceful divorce from Canada to make British Columbia an independent nation.
Omissions: Our silence about any other particular government law, regulation, ordinance, directive, edict, control, regulatory agency, activity, or machination should not be construed to imply approval. We seek to enunciate our top priorities, not the entirety of our positions.

Meet our Executive Council

Party Leader

Keith MacIntyre

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Keith MacIntyre has lived in Penticton for the last 10 years. He is the owner of Big Bear Software and President of the Okanagan School of the Arts. Over the last 2 decades he has seen firsthand the inefficiencies in government procurement in the defense, medical and throughout government ministries. He has been disillusioned with partisan politics for a long time and believes that the current state of democracy, polarized politics and perpetuating bureaucracy is damaging to Canadians. Finding the BC Libertarian has given him hope that we can make a real difference in reducing the size of government and taking back our individual freedoms and live as freely as we all deserve.
Deputy Leader

Alex Joehl

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Alex Joehl was elected to the role of Deputy Leader at the 2022 Annual General Meeting.

He is also the President of our Delta-Surrey-Langley Constituency Association since its inception in 2019.

Alex ran as a candidate for the BCLP in 2017 and 2021 in Langley-East, and has run for the federal Libertarian Party of Canada three times, as well as two civic races in his hometown, the Township of Langley.

What drives Alex’s passion for politics is his desire to create a better, freer province for not just himself, his wife, and son, but for all British Columbians.

He is active in his community with youth sports, school PAC, and works as the Meat Department Manager for a large grocery company.


Sandra Filosof-Schipper

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I was born in Istanbul, Turkey and moved to Canada in the 1970s. I am a proud and grateful Canadian Citizen. I grew up in Vancouver in the quiet neighbourhood of Oakridge. I have been married for 23 years and have three children who are my pride and joy. For work, I run our family businesses. For fun I practice martial arts and love scuba diving. I have a Bachelor of Science degree and an MBA. My passion is political policy. My goal is to ascertain that each and every British Columbian has freedom, prosperity, and the right to live as they see fit. I never forget that there is no place like BC!
Vice President

Kyle McCormack

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Kyle McCormack joined the BC Libertarian Party in 2016 and has periodically served on the board of executives and as the Party Secretary. He has also run for MLA in the Shuswap riding in 2017 and plans to continue confronting local politicians on matters that harm British Columbian liberty in upcoming elections. In his private life, Kyle is an audio-visual technician and studio recording engineer.

Dylan Davison

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Brandi McLauchlan

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Brandi McLauchlan was elected for a year term as a Director on August 8, 2020. As a Director, Brandi is responsible to help implement the strategic vision of the Party and to help develop policy. She owns a marketing consulting company and lives in the Okanagan Valley.
Executive Director (Policy)

Shaun Carson

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I entered the realm of the Libertarian political party with a simple curiosity; how do these people perceive government and what would they do if in power. Hearing that they would give the power back to the people, allow citizens to be adults and make decisions for themselves made sense to me. Understanding that the balance of a democracy can be found via the watchful eyes of the opposition, I wanted to learn how to keep the government accountable. This party attracts a leadership mindset and it's the autonomy that they want to put back into the hands of citizens is why I want to help.
Shaun is also the President of the Party's Metro Vancouver Constituency Association.
Executive Director (Outreach)

Logan Smith

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Hello my name is Logan Smith, I am the Outreach Director for the BC
Libertarian party. BC is where I live, work, play and have called home all
my life. I joined the party in 2017 after educating myself on economics
and personal liberty, along with growing up with the mindset of not
waiting for other people to get things done but putting in the work.
Ethics Committee Chair

Gölök Buday

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Born May 29, 1978.
Ran for Mayor in 1996, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011, 2018, and now in 2022.
Also Vancouver-East and Vancouver-Hastings Libertarian Candidate.
Illustrator, Comedian (The BlackJester), Satirist, and Entertainer. Creator of Huffinglue Post and SorryUFeelThatWay Radio.
Critic of Police Brutality and Forced Psychiatry (as a MindFreedom Vancouver, BC Affiliate). Staunch Decentralist.
Read plenty of Literature, from Mill to Voltaire, Paine, PJ O"Rourke and even Naomi Klein (Shock Doctrine, No Logo).
Son of a refugee from 1956 Hungary.
Executive Director

Milton Kiang

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Milton was born in Okinawa, Japan (of Chinese heritage), and raised in Vancouver, BC. He trained as a lawyer and worked in Hong Kong for 12 years. His belief that the war on drugs was destructive led him down the path into libertarian thought. He is an anarcho-capitalist and is inspired by the writings of Ludwig Von Mises and Murray Rothbard. Milton is a member of the Mises Institute and has written about price controls at Mises Wire and Studia Humana. He runs an employment consultancy which helps clients with resumes and cover letters, interview coaching, and career and vocational advice. In his leisure time, he runs, bikes and swims.
Regional Caucus Chair

Mitch Berard

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Past President

Clayton Welwood

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Clayton has been actively involved in the Party since 2015. He was Party Leader from 2016 to 2018, President 2020-2022, and ran as a candidate in North Vancouver-Seymour in 2017 and 2020. He works as a project manager in the construction industry, and lives with his wife and children in his hometown of North Vancouver. He has a BA in International Development and Anthropology from Trent University.
As far as political philosophy, Clayton takes an interest in how public services can be delivered through institutions other than the state. He's a strong advocate of political decentralization and the ability of local communities to experiment with different models of governance.
Find here a link to the current version of our Party Constitution and Bylaws: