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Fundraising Coordinator – Develop and implement a fundraising strategy

Events Coordinator –Plan and advertise Party events and support Constituency Associations and candidates in planning local events

Candidate Support Coordinator – Work with the Party Leadership to identify potential candidates and encourage them to run and inform prospective candidates of the process to become and run as a Libertarian. Also, help collect/develop resources and training materials for candidates and help candidates get registered with Elections BC

End ICBC Campaign Coordinator – We’re looking for someone to take charge of this campaign and move it up to the next level. If you’ve got experience organizing people on important issues, we’d like to hear what you can bring to this effort.

IT Coordinator – Develop and implement a strategy for a stable, engaging, cost-effective web presence and set up a secure platform for storage of Party data, such as the membership database

Web & Social Media Coordinator – Work with the Party leadership to develop a communications strategy for the Party website and social media. Keep the Party website and social media channels updated with relevant content

Membership Coordinator – Develop and implement a strategy to grow Party membership and encourage those interested in the Party to become members. Also to keep members engaged with regular communication

Volunteer Coordinator – Liaise with Party leadership, consistency associations and candidates to identify volunteer needs and develop and implement a strategy to recruit ongoing and campaign period volunteers. Also to assign volunteers to appropriate tasks and provide support and direction to volunteers where needed

Policy Coordinator – With the board, develop and implement a strategy for writing Party policies and recruit members for policy committees and coordinate their activity. Also to liaise with the Outreach Coordinator to provide content on relevant policy issues

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