The BC Libertarian Party is proud to announce Jason Bax as our candidate for the Surrey South (see map) by-election. Voting day is Sep 10, 2022, but advance voting is highly encouraged (see Elections BC for dates/locations).

To support Bax’s campaign, you can fill out the survey below, volunteer, donate, or join him at a campaign event.


Jason Bax

I’m Jason Bax, your neighbour in South Surrey. And I’ve had enough. I’m not a career politician. In fact, I loathe politics. READ MORE...

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A Vancouver-born and raised family man – he and his wife have two daughters – he has deep roots in White Rock, where his grandparents used to live, and where he has resided for the past 12 years.

His career experience has included building (and subsequently selling) a profitable internet technology company, followed by a stint as an investment banker specializing in mergers and acquisitions for other early-stage technology companies.

Latterly he has been involved in the B.C. film industry, with credits, both as an actor and on the production side, for for numerous film and television projects.

In 2020 he ran as a BC Libertarian candidate for MLA calling for a sensible, evidence- based “Return To Normal.” Today, in the 2022 Surrey South by-election, he’s calling for a “Return To Sanity,” respect for our Charter human rights, freedoms & dignity. Lest history repeats itself.

Bax served as the BC Libertarian Party's Regional Caucus Chair in 2021, and has been active in his community connecting like-minded people who are skeptical of the regime's official narratives.

By-Election Platform

The top issues in 2022 are the restoration of our Charter Rights and a Return to Sanity, as Bax explains in this blog post and the statement below. For other issues, see our 2020 platform.

I’m Jason Bax, your neighbour in South Surrey. And I’ve had enough. I’m not a career politician; in fact, I dislike politics. But it’s hard to remain non-political when our  government deemed me “non-essential.

I’m running for MLA, again, because I, and a growing number in our community, want life to get back to normal, not “New Normal.” We’re taxed to death; with over half our income going to pay for a growing number of visible and invisible taxes (inflation), leaving us with less to pay for housing, the rising price of food, fuel and basic necessities.

People have lost their livelihoods and their homes. Too many in BC have little to no income because of the pandemic restrictions on business. Many are suffering in social isolation. Too many are suffering from depression, addiction and overdoses are soaring to new heights, domestic violence, and untreated medical conditions, hospital wait times and ER closers due to staff shortages are on the rise. Medical professionals are (courageously) speaking up about these harms, so are law enforcement, insurance companies, coroners, etc… but our government is continuing to follow the same policies promising different results – despite evidence to the contrary. That’s why, I’m calling for an evidence-based Return To Sanity.

We can fix this and get back to prosperity and living full lives, by voting for a candidate who shares your values for human rights & freedoms.  A vote for me and the BC Libertarian Party is a vote for an evidence-based, sensible Return to Normal and a Return to Sanity. 

I also want to end ICBC’s monopoly, repeal the NDP’s “no-fault” insurance scheme, repeal the carbon tax, liberate liquor from over tax and modernize BC’s (ludicrous) wrongful death laws. I want to ensure that freedom of expression and open scientific debate is protected from censorship, give parents and kids more choice in education and choice of healthcare providers for everyone.

If you’re concerned about your fundamental human rights & freedoms, the hallmark of a healthy democracy, guaranteed by The Charter and upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada, you are not alone.  

I stand for you. 

Your neighbour, Jason Bax