Comedians team up with Libertarians for a FREE Canada Day show that’s sure to offend someone or everyone…. Good!

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Is Canada a haven for freedom of expression, or is it quickly sinking into a censored land of political correctness where using the wrong pronoun can get you jailed? That is the question the organizers of a Free Speech event this Canada Day will attempt to answer.
Kelowna Comedy presents this FREE event at Dakoda’s Comedy Lounge July 1, sponsored by the Libertarian Party of Canada and the BC Libertarian party.
Kelowna Comedy is a group of loud mouthed opinionated comedians. Buckle up, cry babies! No one on this show is going to hold back. We will be sacrificing all your sacred cows. No halal! Just a pagan slaughter!
The event will kick off with a debate on the question of free speech. BC Libertarian Party Leader Clayton Welwood and candidate for North-Vancouver Lonsdale Don Wilson will debate whether Canada is still a haven for freedom of expression, or fast descending into a land of censorship.
Following the debate, Kelowna’s finest comics will take the stage to test out their most risqué material, hosted by Kelowna Comedy’s Anarchist at Large, David Kopp. If you enjoy button pushing comedy and where a good laugh is always worth a few uncomfortable moments, you are going to love this show.
Libertarian parties have been advocating for freedom of speech and other civil liberties like gay marriage and the right to bear arms since their inception in the late 1970’s. The BC Libertarian Party ran 30 candidates in the May 2017 provincial election (the most candidates after the Greens). They are the intelligent choice for anyone who values free expression and free enterprise.
Oh yeah, and this is really a free show. Not free like it will come out your taxes (or your grandkids’ taxes) free. Real free.
For more information please contact:
David Kopp, Manager, Kelowna Comedy http://www.kelownacomedy.ca/contact.html