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Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

These are troubling times for anyone who is concerned about our individual rights and the unprecedented intrusion of government in our everyday life.


We’ve seen the wholesale shutdown of the economy which has led to many people being put out of work and small business owners driven into bankruptcy. Our goals, hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the foreseeable future have been forcibly disrupted as all levels of government have instituted a universal indefinite life-stoppage. In addition to effectively shutting down vast swathes of the private sector, we have witnessed exponential growth in government power over our lives. The government has gone so far as to regulate and restrict even the most basic of human interactions in an effort to “save lives at any cost”. While some officials have begun mulling about reopening the economy and returning to some level of normality, others have used this crisis as an opportunity to push through their political agendas, culminating this week with the federal government’s ill-informed ban on more than 1,400 “assault-style” firearms.


While The BC Libertarian Party recognises that this pandemic is a serious threat, we believe that you are more than capable of responsibly acting on accurate and timely information to protect yourself and those around you without being ordered to do so. We believe that human freedom, inventiveness, and ingenuity will solve the health crisis and that restricting our ability to act in the service of our fellow citizens will only prolong this crisis and lead to more harm than good. We believe that you have a fundamental right to own any “style” of firearm you want, that virtually all lawful firearm owners are responsible law-abiding citizens, and that gun control measures like those being introduced will do nothing to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals or protect innocent people from harm.


To those ends, we advocate for an immediate end to the lockdown measures currently in place and for the reopening of the economy. We believe individuals can and will continue to protect themselves and those around them using voluntary actions such as physical distancing, the wearing of personal protective equipment, and voluntary selective isolation. We stand in firm opposition to the federal gun ban, advocating for the appointment of an independent provincial firearms officer that will protect the interests and rights of peaceful gun owners. The BC Libertarian Party unequivocally condemns stripping of rights and liberties from people who have not committed any crime or hurt anyone. We further refute the authority of the government to forcibly confiscate your private property, regardless of any compensation being offered.


The BC Libertarian Party is adapting to the current situation by moving our operations online and remains committed to advocating for your rights and freedoms.

Paul Matthews

President, BC Libertarian Party

Lower Taxes. More Choice. Real Freedom.

Libertarians Protest ICBC’s Monopoly

Press release for media distribution


The BC Libertarian Party is proud to host the first in a series of End ICBC protests from 10 AM to 2 PM on Saturday, January 25. These protests will take place outside ICBC’s headquarters at 151 Esplanade North Vancouver. 

The BC Libertarian Party is the only registered provincial political party in British Columbia willing to stand up against this massive insurance monopoly. The libertarians have long advocated for a free and open market in insurance, which would not only create new job opportunities but more importantly, would give every British Columbian a choice in auto insurance providers. This also means that insurance providers would compete against one another in an open and fair market place, reducing premiums for good drivers. 

With the monopoly on auto insurance, the BC NDP and the BC Liberals have forced  British Columbians for decades to do business with a company many of them do not trust, and would not choose voluntarily. ICBC acts as both regulator and primary provider of automobile insurance, allowing them to set the rules they play by, which strikes Libertarians as a potential conflict of interest. For all that, ICBC still manages to not turn a profit but instead costs taxpayers hundreds of millions.  Many British Columbians are trying to find ways to circumvent ICBC altogether by registering their vehicle in another province. 

 Join us for the protest this Saturday, January 25th, where we will be conducting live interviews on the street to get personal stories directly from those who have been harmed by this public monopoly. It’s time to set British Columbians free and provide them with a path to lower taxes, more choice, and real freedom. 

We will see you there!

For more info please contact:

Kyle McCormack,

Media Team Lead

BC Libertarian Party

BC Libertarian Party Proposes Using Satellites (And Drones!) To Catch Victoria Politicians Breaking The Rules

The B.C. Libertarian Party announced on Tuesday that it wants to hire a Russia-based space technology company to see if satellites and drone technology can assist with monitoring and regulatory oversight of the British Columbia Government, on behalf of BC’s citizens.

In a notice of intent (NOI) posted on Facebook, the BC Libertarian Party, which has long stood in opposition to the Agricultural Land Reserve’s monopolistic control over farm-land, outlined its plan to contract with the Russian ZALA Aero to provide radar satellite-based change detection services in a responsive pilot project.

All footage would be uploaded to a public website for review and a forum would allow British Columbians to openly discuss what they see.

ZALA Aero owns and operates the Radarsat-900 satellite, which has,  “the unique ability to provide the radar and optical satellite imagery … for the nature of the political corruption and extraordinary incompetence being investigated.”

News of the BC Libertarian pilot project comes as a response to  public outcry over another project being run by the BC NDP Government; Agriculture Bill 52 and the ALR satellite spy program.

This legislation and the associated programs restrict agricultural land owners from having secondary non-farm use homes and limits the size of residences to approximately 12,000 square feet. It also subjects farmers to outrageous violations of their personal privacy, and egregious micro-management of their personal businesses. Together, the new legislation, the government’s general negative attitude towards farmers and this new spy program, these ordinary British Columbians are left feeling like second-class citizens.

The BCLP pilot counter-spy project would covertly collect repeat imagery on anthropogenic changes within three overlapping areas of Vancouver Island, compile that data and upload it to a public server, focusing on mapping the exact movements of, and secretive meetings between politicians, bureaucrats and union leaders.

Similar to the ALR plan to crack down on regulation surrounding secondary housing and new irrational rules surrounding farm workers, this technology will allow the BC Libertarian Party and all BC citizens to track individual bodies moving around the legislature in repeating patterns, which will give us a clue as to whether or not any work is being done in the government building at all.

“It’s only fair, after all.” A BC Libertarian spokesperson offered, speaking on terms of anonymity. “The BC NDP government seems to think that farmers and their families are a form of government-owned property, they constantly talk down to them, belittle them, insult them, micro-manage them, and now they’re proposing to spy on them and violate their privacy in order to enforce their socialist rules.”

“So this is our counter offer; now we’ll have an open window into all of the back-room dealings and special privileges offered to party-friendly unions by the NDP. We’ll get to peek inside of Clean BC meetings and hear about their plans to destroy our energy sector. Maybe even check out how many homes each of the NDP MLAs owns, you know, see the nice places where the family goes on vacation.”

“Really, It’s only fair.”

Career Politicians like David Eby, who serves BC as the Attorney General and MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey, probably thinks the move is stepping over the line.

“I definitely would not be in favour of this, it’s very paranoid, and I take gumption with the idea that British Columbias ought to know what we’re up to at all times,” David allegedly said, apparently laughing nervously and practically running to his car.

Horgan and Eby are already subject to provincial regulations and various by-laws meant to control their corrupt behaviour, but Horgan allegedly says many of those rules ultimately interfere with his ability to “get things done”. No further comment on the additional $4.8 billion in added public labour costs following secretive meetings with NDP-friendly union leaders.

“We don’t need more surveillance of any kind, shape or form on us. What more does the public, the world, need to know about what I may or may not be doing with their money, that isn’t already known?”” Horgan was rumoured to have said after hearing about the BCLP plan.

The BC Libertarian Party is not revealing exactly where the Radarsat-900 and optical satellites will roam, because it could potentially compromise the value of the pilot and because they quote, “Want to really have these politicians freaking out, like, 24 hours a day.”

“Due to the limited area being imaged and the limited imagination of those being imaged, it is possible that the politicians may behave differently if they are simply aware they are being monitored and this may end up invalidating the intent of this pilot project, which is in evaluating change in public policy following secretive meetings with NDP staffers,” the BCLP NOI reads.

“It’s an invasion of privacy, their privacy, finally, it feels like the tables have finally turned,” said David Sihdu of the BC Farmhand Owners Association.

The ministry said if the project proceeds as a pilot, it would likely just give up and close the legislature on a permanent basis.

“I mean at that point why bother? Look, I think we’ve got better ways of using tax dollars to look after me and you, I mean us, I mean, like, all you people, no not “you people”, I mean you, all you people…  no comment,”  Horgan might have said.


This article is a satirical re-write of this Global News article originally Posted November 17, 2019 . We have nothing but solidarity with the farmers of BC who are being treated so terribly by this government. To support our stand against the egregious and insulting rules being handed down by the BCNDP and the ALC/ALR, join our party here

Written By Kyle McCormack, 
Media Team, Board of Directors
2017 Shuswap Candidate

End ICBC – The First Of Many Protests

We know that ICBC is broken. Everyone knows that now! But the time has come for some political action! Leading up to the 2021 election we will be hosting and attending many ICBC protests and we encourage all of our members to show up in BCLP t-shirts and gear, ready to represent our cause and protest hard!

Only the BC Libertarians have promised to unequivocally END ICBC and liberate our automotive insurance industry. Only the BC Libertarians have promised to liberate ride-sharing and provide real choice to British Columbians.

Join us this Friday ALL DAY at ICBC Headquarters in
North Vancouver!