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“After participating in the May election I have watched in horror as the 3 major parties clamoured to gain power in the Legislature. To watch this happen is not only disgusting, but terribly insulting to the people who voted in this election.

“Let us start with the BC Liberals led by former Premier Christy Clark. She gathered 43 seats by offering what looked like a half decent platform for the loyal right to get behind. Yet….. The minute she felt her job threatened, instead of standing up for her voters…. she immediately dropped her whole platform and adopted the NDP platform in hopes of keeping her head in the pig trough.

“How disgusting is it that she didn’t even hesitate to sell out her voters to try and KEEP POWER? Not one word that they espoused in the campaign was true. ALL they want is to keep the power in their hands so they can continue to collect corporate donations and favours.

“John Horgan and his band of merry men are no better. When the BC Liberals adopted their platform, you would’ve thought it was a victory of immense proportions. BUT, as we saw with the BC Liberals… John Horgan does NOT care about his platform OR his voting base…. He cares ONLY to take power.

“The NDP had a chance to show the public that they are willing to hold your trust and make sure that their platform gets implemented and instead ALL he showed was that his platform DOES NOT MATTER. The only thing that matters is that he and his party take control of the legislature, to gain the same donations and favours that the Liberals cherish so dearly.

“As for Andrew Weaver and the Green Party? In an UNPRECEDENTED move… He negotiated a back door deal with the NDP to secure the maximum amount of power he can wrestle with his 3 seats. He did not care that the Liberals went as far left as they could trying to appease them. Again, a blatant display of disregard for his voters and the public.

“Had the BC Libertarian Party gained those 3 seats we would NOT be having this conversation. WE as a party would have worked with the Liberal Party to ensure a solid 4 year minority government. SPARING the people from an early election, which is now a foregone conclusion…

“Please remember this when we head back to the polls ( sooner than later I imagine) ….

“You can vote again for one of the 3 parties interested in TAKING POWER or you can vote for a party that will hold your trust and work to make this province the best place in the world to live.