BC Liberal Party Displays Full Hypocrisy On Trans Mountain Pipeline

By July 30, 2019October 14th, 2020No Comments

The BC Liberals have been on a social media rampage lately, hammering the NDP on pipeline fumbles and missteps… which might make some sense if it weren’t for the inconvenient fact that they’re just as much to blame for where we’re at today as Horgan and his allies.

Of course, The BC Liberals only want to tax the consumption of gas and oil more-so than we already do, whereas the BC Libertarian Party plans to entirely phase out the provincial fuel tax.  The Liberal’s only motive for supporting the pipeline  project now is to farm as many tax dollars out of its existence as possible.

We should also remember how the BC Liberals and their supporters put up significant roadblocks of their own to resource projects and pipelines, how they increased fuel taxes, and how they were the ones who instituted a heavy-handed “progressive” carbon tax. That is the legacy of the BC Liberal government; it’s merely been sustained by the BC-NDP and federal Liberal boondoggles.

This has led to a tragic loss of employment opportunities and a race to the bottom for Canada’s energy independence. We now depend on oil from human rights abusers like Saudi Arabia. Is that really what we want?

We should put an “open for business” sign on BC’s front window and send a clear signal to our trading partners in Canada and the Northwest USA. British Columbia is willing and able to assist in getting Canadian oil products to market. The BC Libertarian Party is the only party in BC that believes in trying to establish positive relationships with our neighbours. This Party also believes in committing to the spirit of Section 121 of the Canadian Constitution and therefore in defending unrestricted interprovincial free trade within Canada, as was always intended.

While other politicians in British Columbia are content to insult and antagonize Alberta, we want to extend an olive branch of mutual respect. We should recognize one another’s great value and open the floodgates of liberal trading between our two provinces. What’s good for Alberta and British Columbia will also be good for all of Canada! Furthermore, we want to make sure options are open for trade with our friends in Washington, Oregon, Saskatchewan, Montana, the Yukon and perhaps even beyond.

The focus now must be on getting the pipeline built with no more concessions to be made to the GreeNDP government or the anti-Alberta pipeline protestors.  The BC Liberals completely fumbled on this portfolio, and the GreeNDP have continued the shameful legacy.  Now is the time for decisive action; it’s time to get this pipeline built and ensure there are no further interruptions in the future development of our energy infrastructure.

The BC Libertarian Party is the only registered provincial political party that embraces freedom of trade within Canada, that takes a firm pro-pipeline position and that supports the hard working labourers who move energy across our country, making everything else in Canada possible.

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