Welcome to the pilot episode of The Official BC Libertarian Party podcast. This is Episode 01, “Regarding The High Cost Of Living In BC”

This episode is hosted by Media Team lead Kyle McCormack, and features Party President Paul Matthews, Outreach Team lead Clayton Welwood and Deputy Party Leader Bill Morrison. The BC Libertarian Party is a small but rapidly growing coalition of British Columbians who are sick and tired of a government that has grown too large and too intrusive for it’s own good. We represent the faction of British Columbians who want lower taxes, more choice and real freedom.

The BCLP proposes to put an end to ICBC (www.ENDICBC.com) and allow private alternatives in auto insurance. We will slash the gas tax and the carbon tax, making the energy that drives our economy affordable again. We want to end the prohibition on private healthcare for select services where we know the public monopoly is failing. And the BC Libertarian Party is the only registered Party in BC with strong platform planks regarding Freedom of Speech and the security of Property Rights.

We are the Party of Individual rights and personal responsibility. Read more on our active blog at: www.libertarian.bc.ca/blog

We’re excited to hear your feedback about this very first episode.