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The BC Libertarian Party is proud to host the first in a series of End ICBC protests from 10 AM to 2 PM on Saturday, January 25. These protests will take place outside ICBC’s headquarters at 151 Esplanade North Vancouver. 

The BC Libertarian Party is the only registered provincial political party in British Columbia willing to stand up against this massive insurance monopoly. The libertarians have long advocated for a free and open market in insurance, which would not only create new job opportunities but more importantly, would give every British Columbian a choice in auto insurance providers. This also means that insurance providers would compete against one another in an open and fair market place, reducing premiums for good drivers. 

With the monopoly on auto insurance, the BC NDP and the BC Liberals have forced  British Columbians for decades to do business with a company many of them do not trust, and would not choose voluntarily. ICBC acts as both regulator and primary provider of automobile insurance, allowing them to set the rules they play by, which strikes Libertarians as a potential conflict of interest. For all that, ICBC still manages to not turn a profit but instead costs taxpayers hundreds of millions.  Many British Columbians are trying to find ways to circumvent ICBC altogether by registering their vehicle in another province. 

 Join us for the protest this Saturday, January 25th, where we will be conducting live interviews on the street to get personal stories directly from those who have been harmed by this public monopoly. It’s time to set British Columbians free and provide them with a path to lower taxes, more choice, and real freedom. 

We will see you there!

For more info please contact:

Kyle McCormack,

Media Team Lead

BC Libertarian Party 

[email protected]