The BC Libertarian Party held its Annual General Meeting & Convention on May 8th, 2021. The membership voted Keith MacIntyre, of Penticton, to be the Party Leader, after Donald Wilson announced he was stepping down from the role.

Other changes to the Executive Council include:

  • Deputy Leader: Sandra Filosof-Schipper, replaces Bill Morrison
  • Treasurer: Dylan Davison, replaces Paul Geddes
  • Secretary: Brandi McLauchlan, replaces Kyle McCormack
  • Ethics Committee Chair: Andrew Coombes remains
  • Directors: Maizy Thorvaldson, Rachel Whitehouse, and Josh Hardy

Keith MacIntyre is a business owner in Penticton, and ran there in the 2020 provincial election, garnering a record number of votes for a Libertarian candidate in BC. 

Says Keith on becoming the Party Leader: “I’m honoured to be chosen as Leader of the BC Libertarian Party. I saw the Party come together and exceed all expectations during the last provincial election. We can build off of that momentum and field a full slate of 87 candidates in the 2024 provincial election.”

“We are the only provincial political party that actually cares about freedom. We have been against restrictions and lockdowns from the beginning and will continue to challenge the provincial government when they overstep their authority.”

He goes on to say, “I see municipal governments starting to fight back against the Government Supremacists that are ruining our province. In Penticton where I live, the Horgan government is bullying the municipality on 3 separate fronts: forcing a homeless shelter, closing an addiction centre, and demanding a million dollars after the fact for a Primary Care Network.”

“We need to stand up as citizens and show the government that we can do better than they can. The size of the government should be vastly reduced. They are addicted to tax dollars and need an intervention.”

Sandra Filosof-Schipper takes on the role of Deputy Leader after serving as a Director of the Party since 2018. Sandra has led the Party’s Policy Team during the past year and ran as a candidate in Vancouver-Fairview in 2020. Like Keith, Sandra is a business owner and understands first-hand the challenges that small businesses have faced with the restrictions imposed during the past year.



Keith MacIntyre, Party Leader, 250-809-6908, [email protected]

Sandra Filosof-Schipper, Deputy Leader, 604-968-9441, [email protected]



Founded in 1986, the BC Libertarian Party’s mandate is to advocate for individual liberty, lower taxes, free markets, and social tolerance. In 2017 the BC Libertarian Party ran 30 candidates and despite a surprise 2020 election in contravention of BC’s laws, the BC Libertarian Party rallied 25 candidates across the province in under a week.