1. The component of the; as it pertains to private citizens being taxed on the sale of their personal chattel must be removed immediately.
  2. These citizens are not acting in commerce, nor participating with a GST registrant #.
  3. The private citizens of British Columbia will no longer be burdened with the responsibility of tax collector for the British Columbia government. 



The British Columbia government’s taxation of private individuals selling their personal motorized vehicles is a sign of blatant disregard for the rights of private citizens and a prime example of an overreaching tax regime. The private citizens of British Columbia, at the present moment, are required by law to collect a 12% tax on behalf of the government from the transaction of the sale of their personal chattel. These are private citizens, not acting in commerce; without a GST registrant #, that are being forced to act as the collector in a transaction that never should have government interference. 

The BC Libertarian Party is not asking for a simple reduction in the tax burden through a reduced scale in the formula used to determine the tax burden. Nor any other tax reduction minimum response. The Libertarian Party of BC is demanding a complete rescinding of the section of the Provincial Sales Tax Act as it pertains to involvement of the private citizen in selling their personal motorized vehicles.