Making Life Affordable

After housing, taxes are the second largest expense for the average family.   We will save every family in BC an extra $5000 per year by eliminating the hidden provincial taxes on everyday purchases like gas, alcohol and tobacco.  For many, this $400/month is what is needed to make ends meet.

A few hundred extra dollars left in the pockets of every British Columbian each month will drive economic growth higher, it will incentivise workers to be more productive, and will result in less black market activity.  The impact on the provincial budget is not nearly as large in this light.

There is a recognised economic effect on consumer spending and financial health when disposable income increases.  Jobs are created, new enterprises are formed, we are healthier and can opt for more leisure time. A government that can deliver these sorts of benefits to its citizens without using force has the moral obligation to do so.

This policy is currently in development. The policy team is soliciting expert and stakeholder advice in developing the best, evidence-based, plan for growing the economy in BC. We welcome your thoughts and input. Email the policy committee at