Stand up against Vaccine Passports

Vaccine passports will create a 2-tier society, with those who choose not to be vaccinated treated as second-class citizens. The technology of digital passports, once implemented, will open the door to much greater government control of citizens, and further violations of our rights.

Stand up for medical privacy, bodily autonomy, civil liberties, and join our campaign to abolish vaccine passports:

“Vaccine passports will do little to stop the spread of the virus.  It is a coercion technique by the government to increase vaccination rates. The government is myopically focused on one single issue to the detriment of the health of our society as a whole.”
— Keith MacIntyre, Party Leader,  and pandemic modelling/simulation expert
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Keith MacIntyre has lived in Penticton for the last 10 years. He is the owner of Big Bear Software and the Big Bear Innovation Centre. Over the last 2 decades he has seen firsthand the inefficiencies in government procurement in the defense and medical industries, and throughout government ministries. Prior to H1N1 he developed modelling and simulation software that the US CDC used to train for pandemics. Keith MacIntyre is a community leader who has consistently demonstrated his willingness to help empower people to live the best life they can.
Keith ran a successful campaign in his first run at becoming MLA in the Penticton riding. Keith gathered 717 votes, a BC Libertarian Party record.

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The British Columbia Libertarian Party was founded in 1986 to advocate for individual liberty, lower taxes, free markets, and social tolerance. Every British Columbian should be free to pursue their vision of a better life, as long as they never harm another person while doing so.


In this video, Party Leader Keith MacIntyre explains what libertarianism is and how he got involved in the movment.

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