August 24, 2020

Canadian Energy Research Institution Publishes Indictment of BC Carbon Tax

A recent Canadian Energy Research Institution (CERI) study found (among many things) that the BC carbon tax policy boosted economic activity in some areas but had no significant effect on…
August 21, 2020

Capitalism Gives You Time; the State Takes it Away

In a recent episode of Power Hour, Alex Epstein interviews Dr. Saifedean Ammous on economics, energy and Bitcoin. They touch on a profound idea as they use Austrian Economics to…
July 22, 2020

The ALR, Shackling Agriculture Since 1973

The Agriculture Land Reserve (ALR) has existed since the early 1970s and reflected the concerns of that era.  Popular wisdom was heavily influenced by public figures like Paul Ehrlich in…
May 23, 2020

BC Libertarian Party – One Year, 87 Ridings. Are You In?

We have one year to build a movement across British Columbia. 87 Ridings means 87 candidates with full support teams. In 2017, we ran 30. In 2021, we expect to…
May 2, 2020

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

These are troubling times for anyone who is concerned about our individual rights and the unprecedented intrusion of government in our everyday life.   We’ve seen the wholesale shutdown of…
April 25, 2020

Abolish the Income Tax

As our tax code is currently written, the state has a claim to a large share of everything a citizen earns or produces. Those who do not comply will have…
January 25, 2020

Libertarians Protest ICBC’s Monopoly

Press release for media distribution   The BC Libertarian Party is proud to host the first in a series of End ICBC protests from 10 AM to 2 PM on…
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November 19, 2019

BC Libertarian Party Proposes Using Satellites To Catch Politicians Breaking The Rules

The B.C. Libertarian Party announced on Tuesday that it wants to hire a Russia-based space technology company to see if satellites and drone technology can assist with monitoring and regulatory…
November 19, 2019

The Vancouver Bus Strike, and Public Transit’s Future

With the transit workers’ strike set to escalate this week, many people who rely on public transit will face longer commutes. While many Vancouverites sympathize with the workers’ demands for…
November 6, 2019

End ICBC – The First Of Many Protests

We know that ICBC is broken. Everyone knows that now! But the time has come for some political action! Leading up to the 2021 election we will be hosting and…
August 10, 2019

Translink Execs Want to Have their Cake and Eat it Too

Translink's board of directors recently voted its top executives a pay increase of up to 25%, and the new range for the CEO is now $406,634 to $517,443.  The value…
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May 11, 2019

Freedom of Expression and Shifting Identities

On April 15th, the BC Supreme Court issued a judgement in a case involving a transgender child and the child’s father. I’ll start with the judgement, then fill in some…
April 20, 2019

PRESS RELEASE: BC Libertarian Party Storms 420 Vancouver, Calls for Total Overhaul of Broken Cannabis Laws

VANCOUVER, BC: The British Columbia Libertarian Party welcomes the public to meet and greet with its leadership and candidates during this year’s Vancouver 420 Cannabis Protest at Sunset Beach on…
March 31, 2019

The State Giveth, and the State Taketh Away

by Clayton Welwood - Candidate for North Vancouver - Seymour With an election half a year away, the federal government has started an ad campaign to remind Canadians how much…
March 10, 2019

What One Person Can Do

Originally published by the West Coast Libertarian Foundation  in the newsletter of the Greater Vancouver Libertarian Association in April 1981. On March 21 Peterborough Libertarian activist Sally Hayes addressed the…
January 30, 2019

Leader’s Report, January 2019

by Don Wilson, Party Leader Wow, I can’t believe January is already over! It feels like just yesterday that we were all overstuffing ourselves and cramming in endless Christmas parties!…
January 29, 2019

What’s Wrong with the CleanBC Plan

by Clayton Welwood, 2017 candidate for North Vancouver-Seymour From a political point of view, there's much to dislike about carbon taxes. But from an economic point of view, the idea…
December 31, 2018

Happy New Year BC!

Dear British Columbian, As 2018 draws to a close, I would like to wish you an early happy New Year on behalf of the BC Libertarian Party. I would also…
November 28, 2018

Political Scandals: Nothing New In BC

The Libertarian movement as a whole has always cared deeply about government accountability. The BC Libertarian Party in particular is well aware that British Columbia is no stranger to scandal…
November 26, 2018

Regional Constituency Associations – Your Party In Your Community

Collectively the Associations make up the "Regional Caucus of the Party" representing your local interests and chaired by the Regional Caucus Chair, Dr. Kenneth Van Dewark. All Party members are…