by Clayton Welwood – Candidate for North Vancouver – Seymour With an election half a year away, the federal government has started an ad campaign to remind Canadians how much they’re helping them financially. It’s called My Benefits and Credits, and it features heartfelt videos from citizens who are grateful for the GST credits, Canada child benefits, and other payouts from Ottawa. But as surely as the government gives, it also takes away, and usually


March 10, 2019

What One Person Can Do

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Originally published by the West Coast Libertarian Foundation  in the newsletter of the Greater Vancouver Libertarian Association in April 1981. On March 21 Peterborough Libertarian activist Sally Hayes addressed the second meeting of the Libertarian Supper Club of Vancouver. Twenty-six guests listened to Mrs. Hayes’ discussion of the role of the individual in libertarian activism. She pointed out that one person can in fact have considerable influence on political events. She mentioned her personal indignation

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January 30, 2019

Leader’s Report, January 2019

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by Don Wilson, Party Leader Wow, I can’t believe January is already over! It feels like just yesterday that we were all overstuffing ourselves and cramming in endless Christmas parties! It’s been quite the January, both for me and for the Party! First up, and most importantly to me (sorry guys) I became a father for the first time on January 18, 2019. Little Natalia is a total delight. She and Julia are doing marvelously


January 29, 2019

What’s Wrong with the CleanBC Plan

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by Clayton Welwood, 2017 candidate for North Vancouver-Seymour From a political point of view, there’s much to dislike about carbon taxes. But from an economic point of view, the idea behind a carbon tax isn’t a bad one: the potential harms caused by greenhouse gas emissions are delayed, dispersed and difficult to determine, but still likely real, so a putting a price on these emissions will incentivize producers to reduce them, and motivate consumers to

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January 7, 2019

Bill Walker: Champion of the People

Comments are off NANAIMO – I don’t know if the voters of Nanaimo know the unusual position they are in. In what may be a first in history, their by-election could not only topple a government, it offers up something even rarer: the chance to elect a direct representative who wields unprecedented power. Let me explain. See, normally Provincial by-elections are hard contests for us small guys. The relatively low stakes of the by-elections usually mean